· Wang Yinze,had been born in 1944,graduates to the southwest normal university fine arts and Chinese language department。
  · Now is the Chinese country painter association director,Chinese calligraphy and painting artist association member,United Nations science and technology education article traditional Chinese painting research board member,Chinese international calligraphy and painting research institute researcher,Sichuan artist association member,Nanxi County artist association president。
  · Wang Yinze Is widespread to the traditional culture research,Entire aspect raise from already,Has published the novel,the prose and the dissertation and so on。Excels at the Lishu,Zhuanshu。Specially excels to the landscape painting and finger paintings,Apart from his skills at this,he created the Counter painting and the block splitting painting,Pursues the unadorned effect。Wang always pursues a harmony of poetry and painting。
  · From 80's starts,More than once Wang held personal painting exhibitions in Chengdu,Shenzhen,Kunmin,etc.,and received wide approval。Wang's works won prize in the national calligraphy and painting exhibiting for many times, “The first session Chinese and foreign chant the plum poem calligraphy and painting greatly to unfold”,“The Chinese finger paintings seventh session greatly unfolds”,“The fifth session of international calligraphy and painting greatly unfolds”,“The contemporary poetry calligraphy greatly unfolds the match”, etc.。In 2005 attains the first session China literary arts“Jin Jue jiang”the calligraphy and painting “the best prize”。
  · Wang's works have Several hundred are once bought by the overseas public figure Tibet ,or are passed to country and the area and so on Hong Kong by the government as the contact present class,Japan,Singapore,England,France,Sweden and US,Canada。
  · Among Wang's paintings exhibited,the72-meter-long“The Great Scenery of Daninghe River”,the24-meter-long massive finger painting “The Four Scenery of the Sanxia Vally of the Yangtze River”,and the four-meter-long massive finger painting “The Autnmn Spirit of the Shu mountains”,etc.,were taken programme for many times by the CCTV and Sichuan TV Station。In additions the special TV programme “C-ombining the Chinese and Western Culturesand Reflecting the New Scenesof the Sichuan Province-The Painting Art of Wang Yinze” as an exchange programme between the Chinese and American TV stations,was shown at the American Skora TV Station。
  · In view of all those achievements, Wang's name has been included in over ten dictionaries such as“The World's Modern Artists Dictionary”,“Chinese Calligraphers,Painters,Seal cutters dictionary”, “The World's Reputed People(Hong Kong versio)”and “The World's calligraphy and painting inscription record”etc.。In 2005,Under obtains the honor “2,005 Chinese calligraphy and painting year character”, “2,005 Chinese calligraphy and painting famous expert”and“Hundred Chinese calligraphy and painting famous expert”etc.。In April,2005 (total 84th issue),Industry in the specialized magazine“Eastern Art”does has the column introduction。
  · The publication has“The Wang Yinze works collection”。